Load Cells: Order Now for 2024

December 27, 2023

Load Cells For Your 2024 Projects

As we step into 2024, planning for your upcoming projects is crucial. At Morehouse, we understand the importance of precision and reliability in your measurements. By ordering load cells now, you're setting the stage for a successful year, free from the worries of measurement errors and uncertainties.

Don’t wait until it's too late to discover you need new load cells. Securing them early helps avoid unnecessary delays and ensures you're prepared for any project.

The first step is to order load cells from a provider who meticulously calibrates them.  Doing so reduces measurement uncertainties and safeguards against the far-reaching consequences of measurement errors. These errors can result in costly recalls, legal liabilities, and damage to your reputation. Moreover, the slightest miscalculation can have serious safety implications in sectors like aerospace, automotive, and construction, where precision is non-negotiable.

Therefore, investing in load cells calibrated to the highest standards is critical in ensuring your operations' accuracy, reliability, and safety.  Morehouse's calibration standards are up to 20 times more precise than most commercial labs, ensuring reduced uncertainties and improved measurement accuracy for your load cells.

Morehouse Load Cells:  Calibrated for Your Success

Are you tired of waiting 16-24 weeks for large loadcells? Morehouse Instrument Company is the only manufacturer that always has ultra-high-capacity load cells in stock.

Load Cell

Whether you're looking for tension, calibration, compression, high-capacity, low-capacity, ultra-precision, best-value, or economy load cells, we have an extensive range to suit every requirement. Our inventory includes everything from compact 5 lbf miniature S-type load cells to robust 10MN (2.25 million lbf) models, and we can even provide custom solutions.

Our load cells, including high-capacity compression load cells up to 2 million lbf, are ready to ship with three-day expedited delivery availability and a 10-business day week maximum lead time with calibration.  That’s some of the fastest lead times in the industry for special capacities.  We calibrate them to your specific needs before shipping, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

At Morehouse, precision isn't just a feature—it's our commitment. Our load cells, calibrated using deadweight primary standards for all calibrations up to 120,000 lbf, ensure reduced uncertainties and enhanced accuracy. We also offer adapters, indicators, and other accessories to help maintain minimal measurement uncertainty.

Start your 2024 with the right equipment. Contact us today at Sales@MHForce.com and secure your load cells, ensuring a precise and confident year ahead.

Companies around the globe rely on Morehouse for accuracy and speed. The company turns around equipment in 7-10 business days so customers can return to work quickly, saving them money.

The York, PA-based company provides force and torque measurement products and services worldwide.

About Morehouse Instrument Company

Morehouse Instrument Company, a trusted and accredited provider of force and torque measurement services for over 100 years, offers measurement uncertainties 10-50 times lower than the competition. Morehouse helps commercial labs, government labs, and other organizations lower their measurement risk by lowering equipment uncertainties for torque and force measurement.

Contact Morehouse at Info@MHForce.com

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