Top 5 Reasons Why Morehouse is a Great Fit for Your Force Sensor Calibration

Morehouse Force Sensor Calibration Service

People often ask “Why should I use Morehouse for my Force Sensor Calibration?”, so here are the top 5 reasons why you need to use Morehouse for your Force Sensor and Torque calibrations.

positive customer experience
Our #1 Core Value is to Promote a Positive Customer Experience

1. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service with our primary core value of ‘Promote A Positive Customer Experience’. We want to make sure you get exactly what you need at a minimum for your force sensor calibrations.

More importantly, do not take it from us, take it from what our customers say about promoting a positive customer experience. Customers like Kim Zelkowski from Closed Loop says, "I have kind of run the circles of load cell calibration. Especially the E74 requirements.  Until I met up with Morehouse my results were all over the place year to year.  I will admit to always trying to get the best price point, but the results can vary greatly and make my standard stability look like crap.  Also, the E74 lower limit was something that seems to be misunderstood too often, (lowest applied force versus statistically calculated force)."

force sensor calibration lead time of 7-10 business days
Force Sensor Calibration lead time of 7-10 business days
force sensor calibration lead time
When the lead time for your force sensor calibration is long, you lose revenue


2. Force Sensor Calibration turn-around times are only 7-10 business days. We recognize that you’re not earning income if your equipment is out of commission for 10%, or more, of the year

force sensors uncertainty pyramid
Measurement uncertainty of the force sensor calibration transfers to you from the lab performing your calibrations. Thus, your uncertainty cannot be less than the laboratory that performs the calibration

3. Your Force Measurement Uncertainty cannot be less than the calibration laboratory’s performing calibrations on your equipment. Morehouse lowers your Measurement Uncertainty by using equipment whose measurement uncertainty is 10-20 times lower than most commercial laboratories


calibration risk
Force Sensor Calibration Risk with a 4:1 TUR that is too high. Morehouse will adjust to center your measurement, while others will pass the measurement risk to you.

4. We limit your risk by accounting for measurement decision risk, using the proper formula for TUR, and choosing to adjust more instruments, Others may pass this risk on to you by not applying guard bands to ensure your Probability of False Accept (PFA) is less than 2 %.


custom force sensor calibration setup
Custom force sensor calibration setup in a Morehouse Dead Weight Machine Accurate to 0.002 % of applied force

5. We reject the just calibrate it mentality and refuse to simply slap stickers on instruments. We work with you to replicate equipment used during its calibration, to provide meaningful calibration data.

Its time to expect More from your force or torque calibration provider? We offer More – it's in our name and nature.

Force Sensor Calibration Conclusion

I take great pride in our knowledgeable team at Morehouse, who continue to work with everyone, clarify complex topics, and provide tools such as free guidance documents, excel sheets, and products to help you make better force measurements.

At Morehouse, we educate our customers and provide solutions to you. Most of these solutions are available for free to help you make better measurements and can be found here.

We have been in business for over a century and focus on being the most recognized name in the force sensor calibration business. That vision comes from educating our customers on what matters most, having the proper discussions relating to force sensor calibration concepts, so everyone uses the proper methods and math.

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Everything we do, we believe in changing how people think about force and torque calibration. We challenge the "just calibrate it" mentality by educating our customers on what matters, what causes significant errors, and how to focus on reducing them.

In addition, Morehouse makes simple-to-use calibration products. We build excellent force equipment that is plumb, level, square, and rigid. Morehouse provides unparalleled calibration service with less than two-week lead times.

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