Calibrate your Tuffaloy Weld Force Gauge for Quality Spot Welding

August 13, 2021

A weld force gauge accurately measures the actual weld force at the weld. It is important to calibrate these instruments because a weld force that is too low or too high will cause problems such as cracking, indentation, expulsion, and low weld strength. Most spot welding equipment does not monitor force, which is essential to ensure the quality of a spot weld.

Figure 1: Tuffaloy Weld Force Gauge

When we calibrate a Tuffaloy Weld Force Gauge we use specially designed Morehouse electrode adapters, which simulate the electrode and replicate use.

Figure 2: Morehouse Electrode Adapters for Calibrating Tuffaloy Weld Force Gauges

To compare the force readings, we calibrated a Tuffaloy weld force gauge using two different loading scenarios: one with the Morehouse electrode adapters and one with a flat adapter on the bottom.

Figure 3: Tuffaloy Calibration with Electrode Adapters, which Replicates Use

Figure 4: Calibration with Flat Adapter on the Bottom, which does not Replicate Use

Below is the test data from two different loading scenarios, illustrating that adapters can produce a significant difference in readings.

We manufacture adapters for many applications. To learn more about adapters and how using the wrong adapter can lead to measurement errors, read our paper Recommended Compression and Tension Adapters for Force Calibration.Contact us to request a calibration for your Tuffaloy weld force gauge.

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