Metrology and the Consequences of Bad Measurement Decisions (3 Rules) With Us

Metrology and the Consequences of Bad Measurement Decisions by Scott Mimbs

This paper was initially published in Test Magazine and is being shared as one of the essential documents we believe anyone making measurements should read.

In the simplest terms, measurements are made to support decisions.

Measurement data support decisions to:

• Establish research or investigative fact;
• Establish scientific or legal facts;
• Accept or reject a product;
• Rework or complete a design;
• Take corrective action or withhold it;
• Continue or stop a process (including a space launch).

The measurement is unnecessary if the data from measurements are not used in decision-making or establishing facts (including scientific research).

# Measurement Decisions

Scott Mimbs has written many papers, and one of our favorites discussing the importance of definitions can be found here.

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