Load Cell Reliability for a 1 Year Calibration Interval With Us

Over the years, many of us at Morehouse have been asked what value one should use for  Load Cell Reliability when a system is new.

You may think: “I need a load cell reliability number for my uncertainty budget. What should I use?”

The answer is variable as it depends on several factors.

One of the critical factors is figuring out how stable someone needs the load cell system to be to meet their measurement uncertainty requirements.

Is 89 % EOPR acceptable with 95 % Confidence, or is 95 % End of Period Reliability (EOPR) the goal?

The other reaction we often receive is, “No one does that because there are too many variables.”

Load cell reliability will depend on the complete system and its use.

The use would include anything that could influence the results.

Force is mechanical things such as using different adapters, different cables, changing thread engagement, overloading the load cell, the meter used, and the number of loading cycles.

So, after being asked numerous times, we decided to tackle the question, "What should I expect for stability with year-to-year annual calibrations?"

We started by finding enough samples to meet the 95 % Confidence Interval criteria, with 95 % End of Period Reliability, which seemed daunting.

Load cell Reliability formula

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