Digital Ring Force Gauge Manual With Us

The Digital Ring Force Gauge Manual is Attached Below:

The Digital Ring Force Gauge is relatively simple to operate. If maximum accuracy is desired, the Digital Ring Force Gauge should be placed near the location where it is to be used and allowed to stabilize at the ambient temperature that will prevail during use. Deviations from the temperature at which the Digital Ring Force Gauge was calibrated will cause errors of approximately 1% for every 70 degrees F.

A Digital Ring Force Gauge consists of a load ring that deflects under compressive or tensile forces. The deflection of the ring is continuously measured by a digital indicator mounted inside the ring. The indicator is programmed by the Morehouse primary force calibration laboratory and interprets the deflection values to direct calibrated force values and displays on the digital screen. The indicator displays the force in the engineering units as specified by the user at the time of purchase.

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