Revolutionize Small Force Calibration with the Morehouse SDM

Calibrating small force instruments correctly is often difficult and typically involves physically stacking weights. At Morehouse, we understand the drawbacks of such makeshift setups, including the time-consuming calibration process and the high margin for error. With our extensive experience in precision measurement, we've developed an advanced method that enhances accuracy and simplifies the process, eliminating the tedious and error-prone task of weight manipulation. We're thrilled to unveil our newest breakthrough: the Small Deadweight Machine (SDM), our most compact deadweight machine yet.

Fully automated and equipped with interchangeable weights, the SDM ensures that every calibration is tailored to be better than 0.005% of applied force. This means weights represent standard force values, meticulously calibrated for variations in material density, air buoyancy, and local gravitational conditions. The SDM's smooth precision eliminates vibrations and fluctuations caused by manual loading, and with the included software, one operator can oversee multiple machines, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. Whether used in the pharmaceutical industry, material testing, electronic assembly, surgical tools, or high-tech fiber production, the SDM provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability, shaping the future of metrology, one calibration at a time.


A game changer in Small Force Calibration

The Morehouse Small Deadweight Machine (SDM) is a game changer in small force calibration. Calibrating small force instruments is often cumbersome, riddled with the inaccuracies of makeshift weight stacking and error-prone manual adjustments. We understand these challenges at Morehouse and are committed to continuous improvement and precision. That's why we've engineered a breakthrough solution.

Small Deadweight Machine (SDM)

Introducing the Small Deadweight Machine (SDM). Your Compact, Precision Calibration Partner

The SDM is our most compact, fully automated deadweight machine yet. Designed with interchangeable weights and cutting-edge technology, it eliminates manual weight handling and ensures calibration accuracies exceeding 0.005% of applied force.

Key Advantages of the SDM

  • Unmatched Accuracy. Standard force values are meticulously calibrated, accounting for material density, air buoyancy, and local gravity.
  • Eliminates Tare Weight Issue. Precision adapters and calibrated hangers ensure accurate measurements every time.
  • Smooth, Automated Processes. Say goodbye to vibrations and fluctuations caused by manual loading by operators.
  • Efficiency Boost. One operator can manage multiple SDM machines, streamlining your calibration workflow and throughput.
  • Versatility. The SDM is adaptable to diverse industries, from pharmaceutical and material testing manufacturers to surgical tool and high-tech fiber production.
  • Customization. We offer SDM machines with force ranges from 0.044 lbf (20 gf) to 44 lbf (20 kgf) to meet your needs.

At Morehouse Instrument Company, precision isn't just a goal—it's our promise. With the SDM, we're transforming small force calibration, ensuring improved accuracy, reliability, repeatability, and efficiency for your critical applications.


  • Automated mV/V data collection via Morehouse 4215 and HADI indicators. (Also compatible with Keysight/Agilent 34401 for Voltage and Current output transducers).
  • An optional coupling kit, SDM-Adapter Kit1, that fits most small-capacity loadcells on the market (custom adapters are also available).
  • Includes software output in standard Morehouse format and Excel (consult Morehouse about customizing software to integrate with your existing process).
  • Standard weights can be loaded in any combination to create custom test profiles.
  • Avoid errors associated with using off-the-shelf mass-calibrated weights not calibrated for force.
  • Eliminate force excursions and swinging associated with hand-loading of weights.
  • True primary standard deadweight machine.

Ready to experience the future of metrology? Contact us today at to learn more about the SDM and how it can revolutionize your calibration processes.


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