Morehouse Model 8 Budget-Friendly Load Cell Simulator

Are you tired of spending hours on meter issues? The Morehouse Model 8 Budget-Friendly Load Cell Simulator is a portable, lightweight device that can quickly identify if your meter has issues and control drift.

  • 8 mV/V settings for comprehensive checks.
  • Identify stability/drift effortlessly.
  • Accurate coefficient verification for Morehouse meters and software.
  • Solve linearity issues in any meter.
  • Essential for calibrating A/D offset and gain.
  • Perfect for setting up new indicators.

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 Load Cell Simulator

Morehouse's portable, lightweight Model 8 Budget-Friendly Load Cell Simulator can be a helpful tool in troubleshooting equipment problems. The load cell simulator can be used to verify meters are reading correctly, span meters, and as a check standard to help control drift associated with many digital meters.

With a low-temperature coefficient, the Morehouse Model 8 Budget-Friendly Load Cell Simulator will reduce the misidentification of equipment faults and their respective causes to implement corrective actions more effectively. Labs using the Morehouse Model 8 Budget-Friendly Load Cell Simulator have saved countless hours of unnecessary troubleshooting.

Our simulator allows the end-user to do the following:

  • Perform multiple cross-checks on equipment with eight mV/V settings
  • Help identify stability/drift
  • Verify coefficients are correctly entered in Morehouse 4215 plus, C705P meter; both use the actual coefficients from the calibration report
  • Verify coefficients for other programs such as Morehouse calibration software
  • Check for linearity issues in any meter
  • Use as a diagnostic tool to rule out the load cell meter, leaving the load cell, cables, or adapters as the issue
  • Can be used to calibrate A/D offset and gain setting
  • Standardize and set up a new indicator before system calibration


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