Reducing Measurement Uncertainty Since 1920

We are committed to helping organizations lower measurement risk by lowering equipment uncertainties for force and torque. For over 100 years, we have successfully served commercial labs, government labs and other organizations requiring accurate force and torque measurements.

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Committed To Accuracy From The Beginning

Harry E Zumbrun

Filling A Need

In 1920 Morehouse Machine Company started as a local machine shop by William S. Morehouse. The 1920s Morehouse team included a very skilled machinist named Harry E. Zumbrun. Around this time, the demand for boilers and steam engines was increasing. However, as demand was rapidly expanding, so were catastrophic failures. Many boilers were exploding due to material not being controlled and subpar testing methods. A problem that needed to be solved drove Morehouse to work with the National Bureau of Standards and find a solution. That solution ended up being the Morehouse Proving Ring, which allowed for more accurate calibration of Brinell hardness testers. In addition, the Morehouse Proving Ring standardized the applied force and provided a method to measure material strength more accurately.

Accuracy Is Our Success

Our key to success starts with listening to our customers. When we listen, we find a solution. That solution is often a force-measuring system, adapter, or calibration that meets the customer's need while offering the lowest measurement uncertainties available. Low uncertainties help our customers make more accurate measurements, which saves cost, reduces risk, and increases quality. Our accredited calibration services with primary standards will build confidence in your force measurement process. We create a safer world by helping companies improve their force and torque measurements.
Harry E Zumbrun (L) and William S Morehouse (R)
Morehouse Torque Laboratory

Continually Reinvesting

From the Morehouse Proving Ring to today's deadweight calibrating machines and load cells, calibration technology has changed over the years, but our dedication to innovation has not. In 2004, Morehouse built a 120,000 lbf deadweight machine with an achieved uncertainty of 0.0016 % of applied force. In 2010 our torque calibration lab was built, which houses a primary torque standard from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in England. In 2011, we constructed a Universal Calibrating Machine capable of calibrating force up to 2,250,000 lbf (10MN). Over the last ten years, Morehouse has developed new product designs such as the portable calibrating machine, adapter kits, clevis assemblies, quick-change tension members, torque arms, unique customer-specific products, and better load cells, all with the goal of meeting the needs of the industry and our customers.


Over the years we have been able to participate is some of the most amazing projects. It has been humbling to know the magnitude of measurements placed in our careful hands.


We helped NASA find a non load cell solution by using a nickel coated proving ring to help Astronauts set the appropriate exercise forces.

NPL in India

We helped NPL in India by building a custom 50,000 N deadweight primary standard to support proper dissemination of force throughout India.

US Air Force

We helped the United States Air Force improve their measurement process and safety by designing a machine to test cable tensiometers.

Reducing Errors

Morehouse worked with the lifting and rigging industry to spread awareness on pin size is critical to reduce measurement errors from 1.7 to less than 0.1 percent on those following the proper procedures.

Oil & Gas Industry

We have worked with oil and gas industry to setup calibration standards for up to 6,000,000 lbf ASTM E4 type calibrations.

Reduce Downtime

We reduced calibration and downtime costs to a testing machine manufacturer by providing two deadweight machines which enables them to perform calibrations on site.

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Morehouse would like the opportunity to earn your business. Contact us today.
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