Torque and Force Measurement Solution Access Around the Globe

Global Accessibility to Precision Measurement Solutions

Precision Torque and Force Measurement Solution International Representatives

At Morehouse Instrument Company, we are committed to bringing our top-tier torque and force measurement solutions to clients worldwide. Understanding the global demand for precise and reliable measurement tools, we have established a widespread network of international representatives. This network ensures that our state-of-the-art products and expert services are always within your reach, no matter where you are.

Join Our International Precision Torque and Force Measurement Solution Network

We are constantly expanding our reach. If you want to become a Morehouse representative and be part of our mission to deliver precision measurement solutions worldwide, contact us at to learn more.

Our global network is ready to assist if you want to integrate Morehouse precision into your operations. Reach out to our International Sales team directly at Or find your local representative below:

Leader Technology - Malaysia

Aimil - India

Microtech - Israel

CalSpec - Mexico

Prompt - Qatar

Danetech - Italy

Forcelab - Germany

Siccion Marketing, Inc. - Philippines

If you are in the United States and interested in becoming a domestic representative for Morehouse, please email Info@MHForce.Com or complete the Contact Us form.

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