10+ Force Units and Conversions

10+ Force Units and Conversions

Force Units are interesting as almost anyone can do a search to find the conversions, however, are those search results always correct? We have looked at various force unit converters and decided to make a quick reference post on force units and the conversion to SI units, as well as converting force units from SI to English Customary.

Force Units Conversions
Various Force Units and the Conversions Below















Force Units to Newtons (SI) Force Unit Conversion
Symbol Name To Symbol Name Multiply By
kgf kilogram force N newton 9.806 65
kip kip (1000 lbf) N newton 4448.221 615
kip kip (1000 lbf) kN kilonewton 4.448 221 615
lbf pound force N newton 4.448 221 615
ozf ounce-force N newton 0.278 013 851
tonf ton-force (short) US N newton 8 896.443 231


ton-force (short) US kN kilonewton

8.896 443 231


SI Force Units to Customary Force Units
Symbol Name To Symbol Name Multiply By
N newton kip kip (1000 lbf) 0.000022480894
kN kilonewton kip kip (1000 lbf) 0.002248089400
N newton lbf pound force 224809.00000000
N newton ozf ounce-force 3.59694309
N newton tonf ton-force (short) US 0.00011240


kilonewton tonf ton-force (short) US 0.11240447


Force Unit  - Conclusion

I take great pride in our knowledgeable team at Morehouse, who continue to work with everyone, clarify complex topics, and provide tools such as free guidance documents, excel sheets, and products to help you make better force measurements. We want to make sure everyone understands how to convert force units.

At Morehouse, we educate our customers and provide solutions to you. Most of these solutions are available for free to help you make better measurements and can be found here.

We have been in business for over a century and focus on being the most recognized name in the crane scale calibration business. That vision comes from educating our customers on what matters most and having the proper discussions relating to what is force, and why force is important so everyone understands the concepts.

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Everything we do, we believe in changing how people think about force and torque calibration. We challenge the "just calibrate it" mentality by educating our customers on what matters, what causes significant errors, and how to focus on reducing them.

In addition, Morehouse makes simple-to-use calibration products. We build excellent force equipment that is plumb, level, square, and rigid. Morehouse provides unparalleled calibration service with less than two-week lead times.

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