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Morehouse Instrument Company was honored to be selected as a finalist for Excellence In Innovation.

Excellence In Innovation - A culture of innovation is necessary to seize greater opportunities in the global economy.   Finalist were selected for having a strong record and solid reputation for developing new products, adopting new technologies, and improving manufacturing processes leading to customer retention and expansion into new markets.

Morehouse is excited to be nominated for this award and has just started to really innovate.   We believe in our people and feel very privileged to have such an excellent staff, as well as some of the best customers, a company could possibly hope for.  

We have just started on a long continuous improvement journey to provide our customers the best possible service, we can offer.   Morehouse welcomes the future, and looks forward to announcing some new products, and service upgrades soon.


written by Henry Zumbrun

Posted at, October 06, 2016 12:00:00