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Morehouse is passionate about making good measurements and we want to share our passion with anyone who will listen. We decided to put together information and topics that would benefit our customers. To achieve this goal, we are proud to announce the new Morehouse Force Measurement Insider!

An example of Excel sheet for Calculating Risk. Available to members of Morehouse Force Measurement Insider

Morehouse Force Measurement Insider Benefits:
Free Reviews of Calibration Certificates from other Force Calibration Suppliers
We Will Perform CalibrationSend You The Data, and You Only Pay if We Meet Your Needs!
Exclusive Excel Templates - We currently are giving out guard banding (PFA Calculator) templates to calculate risk and comply with ANSI Z540.3 Method 5.
Access to Upcoming Information on Upcoming Webinars and Training.
Free Merchandise via Promotions and Special Contests 
Customized On-Line Training for Your Company in Regards to Force or Torque Calibration  
Articles on ForceTorque, and Measurement Related Topics to Help you Make Better Measurements
Exclusive Offers on Force Calibrating Equipment and Training.
Time Saving Tips Using Lean Manufacturing Techniques for the Calibration Lab.

You have one step away from getting all of these awesome benefits by being a member of Morehouse Force Measurement Insider!

Sign up here today and start making better measurements.   

Posted at, June 13, 2017 12:00:00